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Here you will find selection of comments from a diverse range of AquaVic customers.


"We now have five good-sized swimming pools in Sunset Valley Holiday Houses and Sunset Villas in Langkawi Malaysia, all of which are equipped with Aquavic's (fresh water) ionisers. All are running effortlessly and faultlessly with very little maintenance and additional cleaning necessary. We have four infinity edge pools and one more conventional pool with filter baskets. The infinity edge pools are an absolute dream to maintain in sparkling condition. The traditional pool needs to be skimmed every day for floating leaves and twigs etc. but is looking great. In the past I have had traditional systems where chlorine had to be added regularly. Salt water systems proved to be a nightmare. I am now a huge fan of Aquavic's (fresh water) systems and would not even consider any alternative. Well done John and the Aquavic team. Top quality, highly efficacious products, with extremely reasonable running costs.


David Bradley
Sunset Valley Sdn Bhd.
July 2022


I bought one of your ionisers about 11 years ago for my new pool in Maiden Gully. I have been very pleased with the unit and it has always kept my pool sparkling clean. My second set of electrodes are down to being just small nubs and I need to purchase another set.

Maiden Gully, Victoria
September 2021


“Simply the best available pool sanitising system available in Australia. Johns generous and prompt advice is the icing on the cake.

Highly recommended solution that delivers all promised benefits with minimal maintenance, chlorine and environmental impact. The Aquavic ioniser, that I installed myself, now replaces a leading brand chlorine gas generator – salt chlorinator – that corroded and failed several times within the first 4 years. Aquavic’s control unit is brilliant and the timer functions provide absolute flexibility of pump and ionising run times. The cost of the unit and electrodes is very competitive, with added benefits of fresh water and minimal health risk. This is simply the best available pool sanitising available in Australia – and it’s made right here. John’s generous and prompt advice was the icing on the cake.”

Cannon Hill, Brisbane Queensland
September 2020


Bob had been running an Aquavic Millennium II Ioniser in his family pool for ten years. When the time came to refill the pool, he turned to Aquavic for advice. He writes:

I wasn't totally surprised when John Horwood (the boss) answered, as he spent a lot of time on the phone with me when I originally purchased and fitted the ioniser ten years ago. What did surprise me is the 20 minutes he then spent giving me some very helpful advice on restarting the pool. I also found out (to my surprise) that my ioniser is covered by a lifetime warranty!

Its this level of support that has meant Ive recommended Aquavic ionisers to everyone Ive spoken to about the cost and complexity that might otherwise come with maintaining a swimming pool.

Thank you John.

Picton NSW. November 2019


A big thankyou for assisting us with the set up of the ioniser in our new swimming pool.

We chose an ionised pool as our son has eczema and doesn’t tolerate chlorine on his skin. Our pool is now three years old and he has not had one instance of itchy and inflamed skin after swimming in it.

In summer, I return from a physically demanding job and head straight to the pool to refresh. As there is no chlorine in the pool, I don’t need to shower afterwards!

Mooroolbark, Victoria. October 2018


I purchased an Aquavic New Millennium Ioniser over twelve months ago and everything is working as it should.

When I recently returned from 8 weeks away, I didn’t have to do anything to balance the water. Nothing. It was fine!

So good is this unit that the next time I contact you, it will be for another pair of electrodes.

Rocklea, Queensland. July 2017


Changing to an Aquavic Ioniser was the best move weve made. I must confess I was a little sceptical! I did believe it might reduce our maintenance time and costs a little, but these savings have been substantial. Im totally amazed and wish wed installed Aquavic years ago! The water is crystal clear and feels so fresh. My husband can now enjoy a swim without his skin allergies reacting. The whole family enjoys the pool so much more and I would, and do, recommend this system whenever possible. I believe in sharing the joy!

Sans Souci, NSW December 2016


Taking a dip in an a pool with an Aquavic ioniser reminds us of swimming in Awinya Creek on Fraser Island, FNQ. So clean. So fresh.
You have a fantastic product, great service - and it's all Australian. Brilliant.

Thank you so much for your product and outstanding support."

Iain J.
Sunshine Coast, Queensland. November 2013


Previous  to using the Aquavic Ioniser system (around three years ago), we were using a another brand. After initially speaking with John at Aquavic, we decided to use them as the service, pricing  and knowledge was fantastic. The ioniser was posted out within a couple of days and then installed and made to work wonderfully easily. We have now had to replace the electrodes due to normal wear and yet again this was an easy ordering and installation process.

We supply and install pool fencing and if any of our clients ask for our advice, we highly recommend the Aquavic Ioniser System. The main reason above all else? It really does feel like you are swimming in clean fresh water… a big plus too is not having the smell of chlorine and taste of salt.
Deb Barton
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. October 2013
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We have had the Aquavic Ioniser installed for over a year now and just love it.  The unit itself requires no maintenance until it’s time to replace the electrodes after a few years (which we haven’t reached yet).

It’s a really simple, easy to use system and the best part is the beautifully fresh, clean, clear water we get to swim in every day.  No nasty smelling chlorinated water or bags of salt to add on a regular basis.  John from Aquavic was really helpful on the phone in getting it set up, as I chose to install it myself, which proved to be quite an easy job anyway.

I highly recommend the Aquavic system to anyone that has a pool, once you try ionised water you won’t want to swim in anything else.

Simon W.
Glenning Valley, NSW May 2013



I was looking through some old receipts recently and stumbled across one you sent me back in November 2002 being for my spa pool ioniser. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made… totally trouble free and it all still works perfectly. About six months ago I phoned you and finally replaced the electrodes which were still working but worn.

We have enjoyed perfect water from the start – crystal clear and totally odourless. I have recommended this same product to friends too and we are all more than happy and often wonder how you could make a living from this as there is no maintenance required (an electrode every 10 years is not bad!).

A great note on the quality of this product is that my 1,500 litre acrylic spa shell, gas heater and both pumps are still in perfect condition.

A good friend recommended Aquavic Ionsiers to us 11 years ago, and although we are fortunate not to have any health issues, my friend has many skin complaints but still enjoys his Aquavic Ionised spa.

I am only to pleased to recommend the Aquavic product, a little oxidiser and a spoon of bi-carb and the water is ready for use!

Mick and Regina
Greenvale Victoria, April 2013


I am only to pleased to recommend your product. As you know I had to use Chlorine in my pool until the hand over period from the pool company. I honestly didn't think the water could look clearer. Once you commissioned the Ioniser and the Chlorine evaporated, the clear water became crystal clear!

Kevin S. Smith
The Paris End of Ascot Vale, Victoria


I am writing to thank you for providing an excellent alternative to chemical pool water purification. Approximately five years ago we purchased a new above ground pool and took up the option to install an Aquavic pool ioniser. It was sold to us as an alternative to using chlorine and having a son with chronic eczema we decided it was worth a try. This is one of the best decisions we have made.

After five years continual use we cannot speak more highly of our Aquavic pool ioniser. I am a busy person who would love to have the time maintaining pool chemical balances to perfection but this usually takes a low priority. The ioniser is basically maintenance free and keeps the pool crystal clear year round with little effort from me. In the five years of use I have used a minimal amount of chlorine typically after high use periods in the middle of summer. The water does not smell and never irritates my son's skin. It surprises me that these set and forget systems are not installed on the majority of pools.

Recently I noticed that the sacrificial electrodes were almost depleted and was concerned that I would not be able to buy a new set. To my surprise I was able to source the electrodes from a local supplier at a very reasonable cost particularly when compared to the money I would have spent on chemicals and pool maintenance without the ioniser. It was very pleasing to know the product was still supported and spares were readily available.

I would highly recommend the Aquavic pool ioniser to any person who wants to save money and time whilst achieving outstanding results. Our investment in the pool ioniser has been one decision we have never regretted and are more than pleased to recommend to others.

Sydney, New South Wales, November 2012


We have had perfect water quality from the time you replaced our salt chlorinator with an Aquavic (“New Millennium” Series II) ioniser. Testing the water quality once a week during the swimming season is simple using the test kit supplied, and we have not had to visit a pool shop for chemicals since its installation. A great cost saving! We are now (May 2012) running on the off-season maintenance regime i.e. 2 hours per night between 1 am and 3 am when off-peak power rates apply. Cost of power is $0.23 per day. Each weekend I hand-vacuum the pool – approx. 1.0 hour @ $0.11.5 on the weekend off-peak rate. Our pool water remains crystal clear despite the heavy leaf litter loads which are the consequence of heavy winds and many trees in close proximity.

Name and address supplied
Narre Warren, Victoria. June 2012


The first time I swam in an ionised pool it reminded me of childhood days spent in the pristine waters of the Ovens River near Bright in Victoria. The water is so fresh and clear you can almost believe that you're swimming in the river. It's that good. It pains me now to swim in anything other than an ionised pool. My bathers last longer, my eyes don't sting and my asthma doesn't flare up. I would (and frequently do) recommend Aquavic's ionisers to anyone who loves water.

Fairfield, Victoria. March 2011


Our indoor swim spa took forever to complete but the simplest aspect to organise was the ionisation. I lost count of the number of times I apologised to John for my lack of technical knowledge but he supported me through the process, and continues to do so. I love that there is no smell or taste to the water, and it still remains the simplest and quickest feature of the spa. I have to admit that I still can't believe how simple and quick it is to have great water quality. It takes more effort to take the cover off!

Rhonda S.
South Arm, Tasmania. April 2011


Aquavic's "New Millennium" ionisers are bullet-proof - or at least lightning-proof! We suffered three direct lightning strikes during an unusually fierce storm west of Brisbane. The lightning knocked out our Apple Mac ($2K+ to repair) and it also killed a large Brisbane Box Tree, splitting the trunk into several pieces. Our ioniser also stopped working and was sent to Aquavic who simply replaced a blow fuse. The unit was then tested, and was back in our pool within a week - with an extended warranty. We were thrilled to have our trusty friend back. We spent over a year with Aquavic's long-suffering John Horwood making up our minds about the "New Millennium" Series II. We're so glad we did as it makes the water cleaner and has stopped the chlorine damage to our plastic bits and pieces.

Richard P.
Bellbownie, Queensland. March 2011


As a member of "The Octogenarians Club" regular exercise is a very important part of my daily routine, but in my part of the world - the traditional home of Mountain Cattlemen - the topography is not conducive to walking or bike-riding, but we do have water, and I have a swimming pool. Whilst I enjoy swimming, I became uneasy about the ever-increasing cost and complexity of chemicals required to keep the water in good condition, and so began to look for an alternative, and that's when I came across ionisers. Since installing an ioniser, my wallet and my pool have never been in better shape. I'm happy to recommend ionisers - and Aquavic - to anybody seeking a greener alternative for their pool.

Don R.
Eildon, Victoria. May 2011


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