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See the AquaVic products installed on location. For more information about our products, please view the "Our Products" page above.

Ionised Pool – Country Living

Choosing to live many kilometeres from a regional centre was definitely not a disadvantage for the owner this stunning fresh water pool. Aquavic’s proven track record as the front runner with low chemical fresh water pools is clearly demonstated here. The water supply is harvested rainwater, and the treatment is an Aquavic Series 3 Pool Algaecide and Sanitising system. The Otway Ranges are breathing just a little easier.

Location: Colac, Victoria

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Ionised Pool – Sunset Valley Holiday Homes, Langkawi, Malaysia

Yet another ionised pool in a tropical paradise. Pictured here is the fourth and latest pool in this idylic Malaysian wilderness on Langkawi Island. This one features an Aquavic Series 3 “whole of pool" ioniser pool control unit. The results speak for themselves.

Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

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A Pool For All Seasons

Bringing the outdoors in – but without the maintenance and nuisance factor of wind-blown detritus. The perect solution for Melbourne’s fickle weather – and none more so than during our extrememe weather pattens.

Owners: P & G, Greensborough, Victoria

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The Best of Both Worlds

An indoor ionised pool and spa (Aquavic ioniser, of course) looking through an enclosed gazebo to a beautiful Donvale vista beyond, so typical of the area. Magnificent, by anybody’s measure. And further enhanced by the fact that one pair of electrodes has just completed 4 years of service. Low chemical and low maintence. You’d have to be happy with that!

Owners: S & A.K, Donvale, Victoria

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Outdoor Ionised Pool – New Zealand

What a difference a day makes. Compare our New Zealand agent’s 'work-in-progress pool' with the finished article. If you're a New Zealander and contemplating installing a pool – or if you already have one and looking for a low energy, low chemical fresh water alternative – have a chat with Byron Ross (his contact details are on Our Agents Page) or drop us a line at Head Office.

You too, could be laughing all the way to the bank.

“If you wouldn’ drink it, why would you swim in it?” – has never been so true.

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Outdoor Ionised Pool – North Albury NSW

Outdoor pools come with many different vistas, but none very much better than this example which overlooks the Murray River and the Hume Dam. Many customers choose to hand dose PMS oxidiser during the swimming season. but the owner of this pool chose auto-injection of lquid PMS, and the results are clear to see.

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No Pool Too Big – No Pool Too Small – Jerrabobmberra, NSW

The two pics here are of a modest indoor family pool just above the snow line in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Although one of our entry-level "New Millennium" Series 1 would handle this pool with ease, the extra “Bells & Whistles” of our very popular 'New Millennium' Series II appealed to the owners. The results speak for themselves.

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Infinite Possibilities

This gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the Whitsundays blends seamlessly with the natural environment. The addition of an Aquavic "New Millennium" pool algaecide and sanitising system means the hardest decision you have to make each day is – salt water or fresh.

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Indoor Pool – Melton South, Victoria

Yet another customer well satisfied with his decision to replace his indoor pool’s salt chlorinator with an Aquavic New Millennium fresh water ioniser.

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Ionised Pool – Warranwood Victoria

Estelle the swan and her family love their salt-free ionised pool. Such wonderfully clean and clear water with none of that chlorine sting. Best of all it is so easy to maintain for Grandpa.

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Ionised Pool – Rosemount, Queensland

Our first "Night & Day" photos of an amazing pool owned by Aquavic clients in Queensland.

They are runing an Aquavic "New Millennium" Series II ioniser.

Owners: D & L.C. of Rosemount, Queensland

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Ionised Pool – Narre Warren, Victoria

We are thrilled with the ioniser system which we bought from Aquavic. The pool really sparkles all year around and needs very little attention or extra expense. Aquavic’s friendly and informative assistance cannot be beaten!

We have no idea why anyone would bother with a chlorinated system, when an ionised option is available. We are also pleased we are supporting an Australian-made product.

Owners: Ann and Paul of Narre Warren Victoria

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Ionised Pool – Sunset Valley Holiday Houses, Langkawi, Malaysia

So far, I am simply amazed at the results we're getting from our Aquavic "New Millennium" Series II Ioniser. Since installation, we have used ZERO chlorine and the water chemistry is fine. We are very happy so far and I think we made a good investment.

David B. Bradley
Sunset Valley Holiday Houses
Langkawi, Malaysia

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Ionised Pool – Bordeaux, France

It's not every day that we receive requests from France for replacement electrodes for one of our ionisers – and certainly not for a unit which was sold via our Spanish agent 10 years ago! Quote in part from the owner's original email enquiry, "We are chilling out by our still-mountain fresh pool after lunch. We never stop singing the praises of Aquavic ionisers. Even tried to convince our local pool supplier to offer them but there wasn't much enthusiasm as they lose money on the sale of chemicals." With their proven 10 year life electrode life cycle, low power consumption, and next to nil supporting chemicals, is it any wonder that the local pool shop doesn't want to know about them! One picture worth a thousand words.

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Ionised Pool – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

A beautiful pool in a picture-postcard perfect setting. This fully-tiled classic geometric example, which is running an Aquavic “New Millennium” Series II fresh water ioniser, is very much at home nestled amongst the vines in the prestiguous and world renowned wine growing in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

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Ionised Pool – Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Pictured here is yet another example of a salt water pool that has been converted to an ionised fresh water pool. The owner's frustration at the pool's high energy and chemical consumption, constant maintenance, and poor water quality finally caused him to seek an alternative, and a close family friend and ioniser convert suggested that he consider an Aquavic ioniser.

The owner took the advice and an Aquavic "New Millennium" Series II ioniser was installed. He and his family — and the family dog — are now very much enjoying drinking-quality water, reduced running times, energy consumption, and the level of maintenance required to keep it in order. Suffice to say that the whole family are delighted with their pool, and the picture shows why. A picture perfect pool in a magnificent setting.

Of interrest is the owner also installed one of our smaller ionisers on his hillside cascade water feature. The water is now free of unsightly algae and he no longer has the tedious task of clearing the pump.

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Ionised Indoor Pool

A picture is worth a thousand words. This magnificent 18 metre x 65,000 litre indoor heated pool, was built by Baden Pools of Frankston, and the 'built environment' by MC Building and Construction.

Sanitising system is an APVMA-approved "New Millennium" Series II copper / silver ioniser synergistically supported by low doses of chlorine.

Because of the extremely strong residual qualities of copper and silver ions, this system is able to make best use of the lowest off-peak power tariff.

Running times, which are already less than half of those of conventionally sanitized pools, are currently under review and will almost certainly be reduced cutting their already frugal costs even further.

Solar heating (with off-season gas assistance) and rainwater top-up, make this arguably one of the finest and most energy-efficient, fresh water pools that we've ever seen.

Owners: Pauline and Steve of Hampton

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Lake Angus, (AquaVic) Croydon, Victoria

The company pool, affectionately known as "Lake Angus". 65,000 litres ionised, inground concrete.

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Indoor Swim Spa - Tasmania

This ionised indoor swim spa is located in South Arm, Tasmania.

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The Grampians, Victoria

Here is another magnificent example of the trend to indoor pools in cooler regions with this one on the Western ramparts of The Grampians being no exception. Lynette and Geoff chose one of our eco-friendly pool algaecide and sanitising systems to take care of the water quality.

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Pool before Ionisation...

A client contacted us recently with a very green swimming pool. We offered to help with a course of our APVMA-approved pool algaecide and sanitising system...

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...and after ionisation!

...and it wasn't too long before (the same pool as pictured at far left) was in swimmable conditions again. Result: one very happy client!

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