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Latest News

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The Aquavic SIngle Pass Potable Water Ioniser

Some years ago, enquiries from Europe and the Middle East were the catalyst for us to take a closer look at developing an ioniser which was capable of ionising, automatically and to within very tight parameters, the cold water feed to any given facility. (Toilet flushing, garden watering and other specified usage excepted.)

Drawing on experience gained with our Sentinel ionisers we went back to the drawing board to see what was involved in single-pass ionising with the added requirement of automatic controlled release of the copper and silver ions. As our Sentinels were desgned for recirculating tepid water-only loops, automatically controlling ions instantly, in water of very low conductivity – and infinely variable flow rates – was an entirely new ball game.

The first hurdle to overcome was to identify a piece of equiment which was capable of measuring free copper levels. Of the systems identified, elepsed time - sample to O/P - was a deal breaker - until a modicom of lateral thinking identified a devilishly simple and inexpenive alternative. In keeping with the mindset which created our Sentinels, we chose to name our unique "single pass, variable flow, potable water ioniser” – Centurion.

Please direct all enquiries to our Head Office on +61 3 9723 4223.

As we’re now two decades into this millennium, we’ve decided to pension off both of our New Millennium ionisers. Their place will be taken by our Aqua Soleil ioniser, and our brand new developed from the ground up Aquavic Series 3 ioniser.

The Aquavic Aqua Soleil Ioniser

Our unique-in-the-industry Aqua Soleil (which replaces our New Millennium Series I) is designed to run off any 12VDC power supply, be it plug-in power pack, battery, or solar-sourced. Not only is capable of handling most domestic pools to 50 kL, but add to it an optional brushless DC circulating pump and it's ideal for off-grid appications such as remote ponds, water features or fountains. It is a very versatile unit which punches well above its weight – and it’s Australian-made, of course.

The Aquavic Series 3 Ioniser

Also Aussie-made, is our brand new Aquavic Seies 3 (replaces our New Millennium Series II) which features a battery-backed digital time clock.This one unit will run the pool pump, either of our flowcells, and the ionser. Add to it our semi-auto dosing pump (plugs directly int the AUX outlet)) and you have the complete “whole of pool” operating system. No othe hardware items required. How good is that?

The Aquavic Semi-Automatic Dosing Pump

Our recetly released semi-automatic dosing pump is the perfect companion for our Aquavic Series 3 and when combined with our Series 3 controller, your pool will virtually look after itself. These self-priming pumps will handle almost any liquid pool additive, but are especially suited to injecting a liquid-based non-chlorine oxidiser.

For further information and product details, please contact the Aquavic Head Office on +61 3 9723 4223 or click here to email us.

Aquavic’s New 40/50mm In-line Flowcell

Flowcells are the componets which house the all-important copper/silver alloy electrodes, and are therefore a vital component of our popular New Millennium ioniser packages.

As can be seen in the photo below, our new flowcells retain the same in-line feature of the superseded versions, but are far more robust, whilst retaining the advantage of interchangeabilty of component parts.

They are available in both 40-mm and 50-mm versions.

Click here to get in touch with us today to find out more!

The Holy Grail – Single Pass Potable Water Ionisers

Unlike swimming pools where the water is continuously recirculated and mainting the requisite level off copper ions is not an issue, the “Holy Grail” of potable water ionising is to achieve, and maintain, free copper levels to a specific set point, continuously and in a single pass.

A noticable increase in the number of enquires for single pass potable water ionisers from Europe and the Middle East was the catalyst for Aquavic’s R & D Team to swing into action and take up the challenge, and, as is often the case with complex problems, the solution was so simple, so very simple.

No water meters or process monitors required.

For further details contact me here.


ACIDE Newsletters

You can download many of the past issues of Aquavic's ACIDE newsletters here.

Note: The following links are PDFs and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to go the Adobe website to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you dont have it.


Current Editions

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Past Editions

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