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About Ionisation

For the purposes of this discussion, "Ionisation" refers to the process of enhancing or maintaining water quality by the electrolysis of pure copper, or copper and silver alloys. The selection of these metals is based upon the algaecidal properties of Copper and the bactericidal properties of Silver. When produced in an ionised form by electrolysis, the result is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and low maintenance solution to the question of water quality in swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features, fishponds etc.

Although ionisation has been used extensively in the U.K, EU countries, SE Asia, the USA and many other countries for many years, the development of an ever-increasing range of non-chlorine sanitisers has triggered a renaissance here in Australia, and ionizers are increasingly being recognised as a legitimate, low chemical alternative to conventional recreational water maintenance systems.

Irrespective of the sanitising system chosen - ionizer, salt chlorinator, UV, ozone etc. - there are several prerequisites. The first is that the system should have an effective and well-maintained pumping system. The effectiveness or otherwise of the installation will be proportional to the degree of circulation.

The second is that somebody must take responsibility for the water chemistry. Water is a living, breathing thing and must be monitored and adjusted as required. For public swimming pools, the frequency and extent of the testing is closely controlled by local authorities, but private pools need only be tested weekly.

With the public's ever-growing awareness of the need to find "greener" solutions to everyday problems, indications are that ionization will be with us for some time to come. There is a very definite groundswell of people seeking better and smarter ways of purifying water and increasingly, they are turning their backs on complex chemical solutions.

For a more detailed explanation of this simple but effective system, contact us.

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