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About Aquavic

Whilst originally involved in the use of ionisers for controlling legionella in air conditioning systems, we became aware of a groundswell of unrest against complex chemical solutions for swimming pools and tentatively decided to expand our area of interest.

We were very much aware of the magnitude of the task confronting us. To even contemplate promoting a product that was disliked by many with a vested interest in the pool chemicals industry was not for the faint hearted.

Two decades on, our decision to promote ionisers – and to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint in the pool industry – has borne much fruit as there is now an ever-expanding group of pool shop owners who are more than happy to support this decades-old, environmentally-friendly, low chemical and energy-efficient alternative.

Historically, to enter a pool shop was to enter the world of the chemical solution, and to present with a sample of your pool water was often to leave many dollars poorer for the experience. How times change!

A most satisfying result that is reflected by our company motto:

"Little acorns into big oak trees grow".

The Aquavic acorn has not only taken root, it is now very much a part of the pool industry arboretum.

Our Mission

Australia is the driest continent on this planet and all reasonable steps should be taken to conserve water at every opportunity. It is a very precious comodity and without it, all life forms as we know them cease to exist.

Our mission is to promote ionistaion as a fresh water, low chemical, nil chlorine system of water quality management for swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features, hydroponics and aquaculture.

It is our belief that acceptance of the process as a viable alternative will lead to improvement in the quality of system or process water, and hence to the quality of water ultimately lost to waste.

It is also our belief that acceptance of the process will see a reduction in demand for the vast range of exotic chemicals associated with water quality generally.

John Horwood
Director - Aquavic

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John Horwood
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